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Forced Circulating Evaporator

Sodium Chloride Four-effect Evaporation Crystallizer

Sodium Chloride Four-effect Evaporation Crystallizer
Product Introduction

Scope of application:
single-effect, double-effect, three-effect and multi-effect forced circulation evaporator is suitable for evaporation and concentration of chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection engineering and waste liquid evaporation and recovery industry, such as scaling, crystallization, heat sensitivity (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and insoluble solids.

Various effect heaters, various effect evaporation separators, condensers (mixed or surface type), various effect forced circulation pumps, various liquid conveying pumps, vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, operating platforms, electrical instrument control cabinets and internal pipelines Valve and other components.

Main feature:
1. The characteristics of treated materials have a wide range of adaptability. Such as materials which are easy to scale in the evaporation process, materials which have crystals precipitated during the evaporation process, materials which increase in viscosity with increasing concentration, materials which have insoluble solids, etc.

2. In the evaporation process, the material is heated through the force, the flow speed in the pipe is fast, the heat is uniform, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and can prevent the phenomenon of dry wall.

3. The liquid is quickly heated by the heater through a forced circulation pump, and the top is directly tangentially introduced into the evaporative separator, and the vapor-liquid separation effect is good.

4. The material is concentrated by evaporation, Vacuum evaporation at low temperature, and continuous feeding and discharging, the heating and evaporation time is short, and it is suitable for heat-sensitive evaporation and concentration of food sauce materials.

5. The device has compact structure, small floor space, smooth layout, convenient operation and stable performance.

6. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic system to realize automatic feeding control, automatic heating temperature control, automatic control of discharge concentration, and can be equipped with protection measures for sensitive materials in case of sudden powder cut and failure, and other automatic operations and control such as safety and alarm.


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